Design and UI/UX

  • Design | Shekoufeh Sharifi
  • UI/UX | Alireza H.Aghaei

Amadehlaziz works in the food industry. Today it counts with 9 brands and a wide product range that goes from dehydrated soups, seasonings, olive oil, to coffee, juices and recently cereals and confectionary.

"Iran Mall" is a multipurpose entertainment, cultural and commercial complex that utilizes the most modern technical facilities and building technologies..

Actoverco is an integrated pharmaceutical company operating in fields of importation, marketing, production and distribution.

A sub-brand of actoverco company

Ilnaz is a really talented designer, and a kind friend.

An IT base company.

Distributor of Global Brands of Construction Chemicals.

The company began his work by representing leading European manufacturers for pumps and compressors and gradually grew to not only a key player in the supply of oil, gas and petrochemical equipment, but also a key provider in other sectors such as water & wastewater as well as the steel & mining industries.

MS Markaz web is based on ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server technologies and was programmed from scratch. Sites interface was decorated using CSS and is fully compatible across different browsers.

Flash base website for one brand of amadelaziz's brands

Distributor of Global Brands of Construction Chemicals.

The website CSS was beautifully designed and implemented by Alireza and I coded the website to be update able and functional using ASP.Net Webforms, C#, SQL. The website also required a Flash video player which we created from scratch.

The website for intromission and exhibit various of advertisments in all around the iran.

It was a small company in interior design.

Distributor of Global Brands of Construction Chemicals.

An independent company and engaged in internal and external commerce and engineering.